Created in 1966, the company Galex was one of the pioneers in cooling fluids for refrigeration and air conditioning. Today, Galex activity has been integrated in the Dehon Group and this french brand continues to offer a global service.

Thanks to a full range of refrigerant filled in Europe in a high quality packaging Friojet, the Famous Galex brand is an international reference for professionals in HVAC.

We market the Friojet products in compliance with the needs of today's stringent requirements.
R-22 Friojet disposable 13.6 kg 1810
R-134a Friojet disposable 13.6 kg 1430
R-404A Friojet disposable 10.9 kg 3922
R-410A Friojet disposable 11.3 kg 2088
R-407C Friojet disposable 11.3 kg 1774